Falls and how to prevent them

As we age, and especially as the cold weather closes in, the risk of having a fall increases significantly. Falls create many problems, the first of these is obviously the potential for injury whilst falling. Aside from this, having a fall increases your chances of having another significantly. This is usually because the fear of falling again causes one to walk more gingerly, often not lifting the feet as much, which makes you all the more likely to fall again.

So what can be done to help?

There are many small alterations you can make at little expense to avoid falling whilst in your house or out and about. In the home, it is important to make sure there are no obstructions or trip hazards (such as loose carpets or rugs) lying around the house. You may also find it helpful to arrange the furniture in your house such that you can use it for support should you loose your balance whilst walking around. If your balance is poor, a stick or frame can be used to stabalise yourself. Shoes which fit properly (specifically shoes which are not too big) can play a huge role in preventing falls, as can ensuring that you wear your glasses, and that the lenses are the correct prescription.

Finally, physiotherapists and chiropractors can help to prevent falls through a variety of techniques. We are trained in the assessment and training of balance, and through exercises (both supervised and take-home) can help to restore balance and increase stability. Also the identification and correction of musculoskeletal imbalances (especially in the pelvis) can help to improve balance and improve the way you walk so as to avoid further falls.

If you have had a fall, or feel that you may be at risk of falling, call us for a no obligation chat to see if we can help: 01225 862140


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